Conception, UX/UI design and full-stack web development of the web-app Colority under the roof of Luther Studio. Colority is offering user-friendly and high-quality generation of color palettes from uploaded images. Available @

Provided Services

What we did.

We built Colority as the most user friendly, stylish and high-quality way of extracting colors from an image and are excited to launch it under Luther Studio’s roof.


UX/UI Design

Concept and design of the complete user interface and experience from scratch.


Responsive development, hosting and launch of the vue.js based web app.


The project kick-off focused on creating a bulletproof concept for Colority. A memorizable branding, accurate personas, a simple app structure and a user friendly wireframe interface were part of that stage. This enabled the strong focus on a great user experience later in design and development.

Every device considered.

Sometimes you want to save time and upload images directly from the device you captured it with. Therefore Colority is not only available for laptops and desktop devices, but also for tablets and smartphone devices. For that, it was designed and developed responsive and with multiple breakpoints.

Light & Dark.

The app is available in a light and a dark version, to satisfy the early birds as well as the night owls. The possibility to easily change between modes is crucial in terms of user experience and color effect on different backgrounds. Colority is now launched @ and ready to analyse your images!