Designing the brand- and web appearence for a german startup that owns smart and environmental friendly water dispensers in big german cities. A part of the earnings flows into water projects in poor countries.

Provided Services

What we did.

Wasserpunkt was in a real hurry to launch the first Prototype for their startup pitches and the design was just perfectly finished.


App design & web design

Designing a landing page with an interactive map tool to enable the startups first marketing steps.


Building a brand by creating a fitting corporate design that reflects on every platform.


The brand is built around its logo, which is visualizing the startup name. The waterdrop is visualizing water and the dot in the middle of it means point. This results in the german word for waterpoint – Wasserpunkt.

Web design.

The landing page is enabling the first marketing steps for the startup. It contains a newsletter registration, an interactive map and the presentation of the companies vision. Meanwhile, its look is in alignment with the branding.

Prototype and
app design.

The last part of our service was to illustrate a prototype of the branded dispenser and to design the matching app, which enables the users to easily locate the closest dispenser and to pay the drawn off water. As easy as possible, with an amazing user interface.